Children & families

Through 2017 and 2018 The Pimlico Million has identified key partnerships with local organisations to support the delivery of high-quality services and fund activities for children living in The Pimlico Million Area. Our partners have included The Pimlico Toy Library, Bessborough Family Hub, SouthWestFest, Churchill Gardens R.A, Ebury Bridge RA, The Thamesbank Centre, and St Vincent’s Family Project. Key outcomes and outputs from this year’s programme of work have included:

A trip to Woburn Zoo with 136 children and local families linked to The Pimlico Toy Library and across the Pimlico Million area. A coach trip to Clacton on Sea was organised with The Thamesbank Centre for 53 children and families living in and around Peabody Avenue and Close.

We also supported local families to organise a weekend camping trip to Paddington Farm in Glastonbury, all had never experienced camping before and were able to learn about farming on an organic farm.

The Pimlico Million has also developed a new programme of creche support with St Vincent’s Family project which offers parents free childcare so they can attend advice and parenting courses on offer at the Bessborough Family Hub.

136 children and adults went on a trip Woburn Safari Park, a great day was had by all.
53 children and adults went on coach trip to Clacton on Sea!
"Families with children under 11 years have had opportunities during the lockdown, including, sing-along sessions with the Toy Librarian, and Music workshops with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, thanks to Pimlico Million funding to Pimlico Toy Library"Pimlico Toy Library