Children & families

The Pimlico Million has identified key partnerships with local organisations to support the delivery of high-quality services and fund activities for children living in The Pimlico Million Area. Our partners have included Pimlico Musical Foundation, SouthWestFest, Westminster Bangladeshi Welfare Trust, The Thamesbank Centre, and St Vincent’s Family Project.

For Example, Pimlico Musical Foundation put together a very special summer concert in June, featuring as its centrepiece a musical adaptation of Christina Lamb’s award-winning book ‘The Girl from Aleppo. 650 people attended and 600 were local residents. Of the children involved, the youngest was 7, the eldest was 17. The majority of children were between 7-14. The adults were between 18 and 80 with people of all ages involved.
The project said” that it has brought so many people together from the Pimlico community who come from different backgrounds, cultures, economic positions and interests. We saw new people bonding for the first time- parents talking about the wonderful experience for their children, the interesting music, the interesting food.
We planned to make this an immersive and social occasion, so we invited the audience to partake in a Middle Eastern communal supper before the concert began, sharing delicious food prepared by Syrian chef and refugee Majeda Khoury. This was a very different approach for us and we were excited to see how this more relaxed and sociable beginning to the evening would encourage new connections between different members of the community. It was an incredible experience to see how diverse the audience were, to see members from all corners of the Pimlico community chatting over food and discussing the interesting music they heard after the concert. It was a huge success”

The Pimlico Music Foundation

The sensory room at Churchill Gardens Primary Academy benefitted over 200 children
SouthWestFest open access programme engaged 26 local organisations hosting a wide range of online events as part of the festival programme from Family First Aid to Virtual Tours of the National Gallery and live streamed concerts