Children & families

We provided play opportunities for 0-11-year old’s to improve quality of life, long-term life chances and community cohesion. In addition we offered trips and delivered events and activities as well as signposted families to useful services and organisations in the nearby area and continued to find ways to meet the need of families and encourage activity that works to bring families together across geographical areas within The Pimlico Million area. The joint events such as the Jo Cox day, Regeneration day, South West festival trips were a great way to engage with all ages.

Despite the pandemic we have seen some excellent outcomes and outputs from this year’s programme of work:

  • A sensory room at Churchill Gardens Primary Academy
  • The Abbey Centre delivered an online Families and Children Wellbeing Club. They ran a six-week online Cook and eat sessions for families and children, during February 2021 – March 2021 through ZOOM on Monday evenings. During lockdown/home-schooling Community Champions would deliver the ingredients to the families’ homes, once school started to reopen families picked up their ingredients from outside Pimlico Library after school. The families would make a healthy two-course meal from scratch with the guidance of a registered nutritionist by following the recipe live. Recipes were from around the world. The nutritionist provided information on healthy eating and vitamins during the session. The sessions were supported by a project worker. The parents received information about health and well-being, such as change4life, information about COVID-19, local children’s activities, parenting information and other activities available during the pandemic with their ingredients box. The sessions were attended by 10 families. Those who attended at least 5 sessions sent pictures of completed dishes and received a £20 Gift Voucher at the end of the project.

The Pimlico Picasso arts and crafts project at Churchill gardens will commence after 12th April, in line with the government guidelines for community projects and will run for 6 – 8 weeks.

The sensory room at Churchill Gardens Primary Academy benefitted over 200 children
SouthWestFest open access programme engaged 26 local organisations hosting a wide range of online events as part of the festival programme from Family First Aid to Virtual Tours of the National Gallery and live streamed concerts
The Digital Festival worked with 8 practitioners and facilitators and 23 local artists
In place of their main project Pimlico Picasso produced at least one video per week during the normal school terms and each video had between 75 and 120 views.
"Families with children under 11 years have had opportunities during the lockdown, including, sing-along sessions with the Toy Librarian, and Music workshops with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, thanks to Pimlico Million funding to Pimlico Toy Library"Pimlico Toy Library