Green & open spaces

We worked alongside residents to identify areas of open spaces that have been neglected, to work together, plan and bring them back to life. Gardening is an area which all ages can get involved in and we have seen how much this has really helped to bring together the community. The projects engaged with all ages and abilities and enabled leadership, mainly from the different cultures within the community, to share knowledge and expertise of their countries, which has enriched what is being produced. It has helped break down barriers and had a positive impact on mental health and physical wellbeing and has given residents a sense of achievement and pride.

The Peabody Avenue and Close Gardening club continued throughout the year, albeit on a smaller scale due to the pandemic. In addition, there was an irrigation project that took place to enable the plants and flowers to thrive, without the reliance of the residents’ water them. This has meant that the plants have continued to thrive and flourish.

The projects have helped to change the landscape and inspired residents to feel a sense of pride and achievement. Also, people who have not been involved fed back that they felt that the change in the landscape have made the place look amazing and they feel uplifted and smile when they walk past every morning.

"Funding allowed the garden club to engage the community in a meaningful way. For some, this was their first exposure to gardening. We've transformed the only green space on the estates into a dynamic community asset." Peabody Avenue and Close Gardening Club