Older people

The Pimlico Million is continuing to develop our work, providing funding and activities which reduce isolation and loneliness experienced by older people in our area. Our aim is to build and strengthen relationships with partners such as Age UK Westminster ETAT and Open Age, Pimlico Free radio, as well as Westminster Bangladeshi Welfare Association.

Outputs included:

  • We worked with Community Champions and Westminster City Council to part fund walking football which now has three teams and is still growing.
  • Pimlico Free Radio was set to start end of March 2020 but resulted in a delay due to COVID. There was anticipation that it would go live in October, but then we had further restrictions of Tier’s implemented and another lockdown which has led to a much later start.
  • We organized a Silver Sunday event at Ebury bridge community Hall. This was fun day packed with fun activities for everyone.
  • We also funded WBTW Intergeneration community project : 300 people benefited from our project, and 208 were local residents of Pimlico area Please list the ages of the people who have taken part in your project. “So having this project for them they feel they are important and that has a huge positive impact on their self-esteem. Participants feel safe, they feel happy to come and spend their time here, they play and compete, they cook meals together from different cultures and learn new tips and tricks, and learn new recipes from one another”.
  • The feedback we received from ETAT, which is a grassroots charity/ Jubilee Ceramics All the people were aged between 40 and 89. Saying that 58 people benefited, where 44 were Local residents of Pimlico area from funding . “It enabled people to be independent, engage in their community, meet people, learn new skills and feel confident about themselves. It has made the place for these people and the community as a whole a much better place to live in. Sharing their stories and being able to feel safe it has helped them continue to come and get more involved in their community. If it can continue it would be a great asset and help change people lives. This project helped people with their health and wellbeing, we have engaged with so many new people it has been amazing. For some it has changed their life and now that the project has come to an end, they are still attending the group and meeting new people. It has help with reducing isolation and loneliness and bringing our diverse community together”

The Walking Football Pimlico team

Over 500 older people directly benefited from funding by engaging in the different projects
More than 100 Isolated residents reached
Rosemary (63), said “Love this little weekly catch up – it’s great to hear from people in the outside world. Since this lockdown I have been feeling extremely isolated, I live on my own with no family nearby. The phone group call in thingy was suggested to me by Hannah and now both me and my friend Liz try to ring in each week. It is a bit of sunshine, the chat is hilarious, and everyone is in high spirits. Just what is needed at this time.”Open Age’s South Westminster project
'Can't tell you enough how this walking football has brought us back to life. To sum up: "I feel like I've been dug up, given a ball and told you can live again. Everyone that attends feels similar to myself; the highlight of our week is the Thursday session". (Post-lockdown, April 2021)The Pimlico Burgundians Walking Football Club