Older people

This year we have developed our work in providing funding and activities which reduce isolation and loneliness experienced by older people in our area.

We have continued relationships with partners such as ETAT and Open Age and the Abbey Centre Community Health Champions, as well as creating new relationships with Octavia Housing and Darwin Court.

Outputs included:

We helped coordinate the set-up of cinema clubs across local estates and older people’s housing complexes.

We worked with ETAT to support Silver Sunday events and graffiti art activities.

We have supported equipment costs for ongoing activities delivered for older people by Open Age.

We organised a fishing trip which was a great success seeing mainly women of over the age of 70 taking to the lakes for the first time.

We have funded walking football for over 50’s which has been an enormous success, engaging with over 25 people a week.

We produced an Older People’s music event at The Westminster Boating base to bring together older residents from different areas and groups within The Pimlico Million Area.

8 Projects Funded
367 Older People directly Benefited from Funding
100 Isolated Residents Reached
"The Pimlico Burgundians Walking Football Club started with an initiative from the NHS to get over 50s involved in sport. It started with half a dozen old fellas wheezing around the Chippendale football pitch on a Thursday Evening. Thanks to support from the Pimlico Million it is now a thriving concern. Pimlico Million funded the pitch and provided a qualified coach Ian Corpuz who keeps the old boys in check!"The Pimlico Burgundians Walking Football Club