Small grants

We successfully delivered our small grants programme giving funding to local community groups and organisations, for grassroots projects and ideas with a particular focus on Young People, Children, and Families.

Outputs included:

£25,234.00 for Summer trip grants. On June 2023.

£25,628.50 for small grants programme. On June2022 round.

£15,790.00 for small grants programme on March 2022 round.

£10,000 match funding Westminster city Council to fund Urban Growth Open and green space project.

£14,505.70 Has been allocate to community events and celebration from Eid party ,Jubilee celebration, silver Sunday and Lord Mayor Event.

Plus £1000 supporting local mums initiative, to organize and deliver a Halloween party.

We have funded many projects who delivered great work locally , meeting the needs of the most deprived and disadvantaged people in our communities .

  • The Pimlico Musical Foundation – to bring further joy and cheer with the local choir
  • SouthWestFest Reimagined – Art Trail Launch Day Event
Bringing Joy to our communities we have funded 9 local summer trips grants -June 2023