Small grants

We have successfully delivered our small grants programme giving funding to local community groups and organisations, for grassroots projects and ideas for Young People, Children, and Families. These projects were funded and completed between January and August 2018.

We funded a wide range of projects including a scouts camping trip, guitar lessons, a concert involving local youngsters, cooking classes, a coach trip, sporting activities, a photography club and boxing club.

Outputs included:

Young people tried new activities such as learning photography, singing, performance, and guitar.

Families learnt how to cook healthy recipes as well as learning more about nutrition and healthy eating.

Young people learnt website design and social media development skills.

50 children and parents went on a weekend Scout camping trip, getting to enjoy new experiences in the countryside.

A local children’s choir was supported in producing a new performance.

£15,000 Given in Small Grants Funding
1017 Residents Directly Benefited from Funding
15 Local Groups or Projects or Projects Funded
"Pimlico Million has enabled DreamArts to empower young people to express themselves during the summer holidays, taking control and creating their own songs, dance and speeches."Graham, DreamArts