Young people

The Pimlico Million has identified key partnerships with local organisations to support the delivery of high-quality services and fund activities for young people in The Pimlico Million Area. Our partners have included Pimlico Musical Foundation, St Gabriel’s Halls, Pimlico Foundation, SouthWestFest, Dream Art Project and Westminster Bangladeshi Welfare Association.

For example : Outbreak the Pimlico Foundation : The project ‘Hot Chocolate Thursday’ is a detached community incentive which serves the community of Pimlico by providing free hot drinks in Churchill Garden estate alongside multiple physical activities and various sports/games. Started in November 2016, Chocolate Thursday project is now a hugely popular and essential community resource. The project serves in excess of 200 drinks (one per person) per session reaching children, young people, families and the elderly. In the summer months the project also provide additional ice-cold fruit squashes and the sessions run from 3pm to 5pm. Hot Chocolate Thursdays creates community cohesion, bringing different ages and ethnicities together whilst also providing a safe place for children and youth to play. We provide games for children of all ages, including volleyball, Jenga, table-tennis, swing boy and ‘Champ’. For parents and the elderly a seating area is provided where they can keep an eye on their children whilst having a hot drink, chatting with old friends, and making new ones. The teenagers, who already know the Outbreak team from their schools and other activities have a time and a place where they can come and talk to a youth workers, as well as hanging out with friends and play.

Another example the Dream art project : 22 young people (7-16 years old) from the Pimlico area took part in the project. 5 workshop days delivered over August/ They devised their own work according to the topics of the play and they explored movement sequences and improvisation methods.

Case study : Z. is almost 13 years old and she was new in DreamArts, she was very excited about games and dance and she enjoyed the improvisations. Z. has a severe medical history and she constantly needs to visit hospitals. The DreamArts team was aware about this, so we managed to adapt the session, give longer breaks and ensure that Z. would also feel included, even though that dancing was a tricky part for her because she could easily get tired or dizzy. Z. was always willing to participate and to engage in the games and she loved learning a choreography. She was benefitted a lot from the summer project, as she met new people, participated in a creative process and released the pressure of the health issues that. It was an escape as she said in the feedback form”

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