Young people

We worked with the main organisations and offered funding to enable them to deliver activities. We engaged with organisations and young people through our fun day consultations. We also worked very closely with the Westminster Youth Foundation and the Westminster City Council on the Churchill Gardens Estate and developed a good working relationship with “The Base”.

We had an indirect influence to increase the opportunities for young people in the community to help build confidence, teach new skills and increase social interaction.

Due to the COVID pandemic and national lockdown in March 2020, we were very restricted with funding and what could be offered to young people during this time.

We were delighted to have funded a fantastic summer bike project that was led by the Future Men Hub Churchill Gardens who work primarily with young boys to become dynamic young men. The project was in partnership with the Community Youth Engagement Police.

  • To work with the police and build better relations with police and young people
  • To empower young people with new mechanical skill set
  • To uplift young people’s wellbeing as COVID-19 eases
  • To stop young people playing in the flat and residents complaining of noise

The partnership was a real success and everyone wore a mask due to the pandemic. The partnership consisted of Future Men, Police and a tutor from an outside agency. Whilst the project was on there were no complaints from the neighbours. It was also noted that there was noise and nuisance reduction. The young people could see the police really trying to engage positively with them. In addition, the young people developed their knowledge of bike maintenance.

“Thank you for the sessions. I learnt how to fix my breaks on my bike and now I can actually fix it if something goes wrong. I would be happy for the tutors to come back and give us extra session regarding bike maintenance”.
(J young person 14 years).

Future Men Hub Churchill Gardens
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"The funding from Pimlico Million was fundamental to our Summer school and covered 75% of our costs. We ran four weeks of free music sessions during August, adapting our rehearsal halls in line with COVID safety measures so we could meet in person. We opened the sessions to our youth choirs but also to any child living in the Westminster area between the ages of 7-12. We listened to and discussed lots of different music, played music theory games, performed to each other and more recently we have been able to reintroduce singing. We also welcomed a special guest, professional conductor Paul Creesh from the Gabrieli Consort. He led conducting workshops with the children and taught them the basics of musical leadership."Pimlico Musical Foundation